Your Divorce Advocate

Divorce is difficult, but it doesn’t have to put your life on hold, drain your bank accounts, or irreparably alter important relationships. Your unique situation deserves the finesse and creative problem solving best delivered by a specialist with expertise as a licensed attorney, mediator, master analyst in financial forensics, as well as a certified divorce financial analyst.

Gregory Gann, Esq., CDFA®, MAFF passionately helps families expedite a fair divorce agreement through mediation and litigation support that preserves assets, reduces your headache, and saves time.

Much like a surgeon wouldn’t operate without an anesthesiologist or a builder wouldn’t frame a structure without an architect, CDFAs and attorneys work hand-in-hand, collaboratively toward the best resolution.


Where will your journey with divorce take you?


may be the best option if you…

  • Prefer to save time and money
  • Want to participate in the division of assets
  • Desire a peaceful co-parenting relationship
  • Are open to having honest conversations


could be an excellent approach if…

  • Conflict is high and threats or escalation of issues is likely
  • Abuse or illegal activity is involved
  • Communications are being ignored or disregarded
  • Mediation has been attempted without success

“If you’re considering a divorce, the first professional you’ve likely considered hiring is a lawyer. Yet, the complex nature of a divorce, especially one caused in part by financial disagreements, merits the help of a divorce-focused financial planner, officially known as a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA).”


-FORBES Financial Council

You’re in control of your divorce and your future:

If you’re experiencing:
  • High levels of conflict, perhaps due to miscommunication
  • Emotional exposure that would be exasperated in a court setting
  • A preference for confidentiality and for the details to stay out of court
  • Desires to minimize the impact of divorce on children
  • Adversarial tendencies between parties, extreme win-lose mentality
  • Concerns about the cost of the divorce process
  • Harmful levels of anxiety or sleeplessness
  • Eagerness toward a quick, efficient resolution
You will benefit from our litigation support, mediation, or both.

Our compassionate approach helps you both move forward with satisfaction, joy, and dignity.

Sometimes marriage doesn’t turn out as expected. With a mutually-beneficial divorce agreement expedited in the most cost-effective manner, separate experiences of peace, happiness, and adventure are still possible for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

There’s a less expensive, faster, less stressful way to divide assets?

Keep your family out of the courtroom

Going to court isn’t glamorous. It’s stressful, expensive, and tends to put loved ones (including kids) at odds even if the divorce process began amicably. Limiting litigation is key.

Preserve your financial Assets

Rather than accumulating billable hours with every phone call and filing, we charge a flat fee, so you can invest your hard-earned money where it belongs – in YOUR future.

Protect your time and energy

Our unique combination of negotiation expertise and financial analysis expedites the divorce process, getting you the most favorable results in significantly less time. We work with your attorney toward a favorable, fair, and fast result.

In search of a quicker, amicable solution?

For 3.5 years, my wife and I went around and around in circles with lawyers. Within 4 months of meeting with Greg, we resolved our issues. Greg was quick and efficient. He eased my mind and made me feel a lot better about the entire divorce process. I have referred some of my closest friends who are dealing with marital issues to Greg, and each has expressed their appreciation for achieving similar results.

David W.

Divorce is far more about negotiating financial terms than it is about the law.

Until you are negotiating financial terms, you’re just spending money. Save your sanity and your wallet by exploring mediation today.

Protecting Your Family Finances Now Makes a BIG Difference in Your Future

Greg’s 30+ years of experience span an array of financial, estate, and domestic planning matters, including banking regulation changes, housing crashes, and market booms and busts.

He serves as an integral partner through what is often the hardest time in a person’s life, bringing his Collaborative law knowledge and Family law experience to the table in combination with his financial and negotiation expertise, to reach the best resolution in the most reasonable timeframe.

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