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Not every divorce case needs to go to court. Through mediation, your family has a neutral, third-party advocate to help settle disagreements and lay an amicable separation plan.

In case you do pursue litigation, don’t go alone. Let us advocate for your best interests and expertly negotiate terms to your benefit.

“Because divorce is not an everyday experience for the general population, there is a dearth of education and knowledge surrounding divorce. Too often the education comes too late after the parties and their families are burned and financially impacted by a court-centered, lawyer-dominated approach. “

– “Knowledge Is Power”, Greg Gann

Litigation Support vs. Mediation: What You Need to Know to Choose Your Best Path


Our team supports your family throughout the courtroom process, especially when:

  • Conflict is high and threats or escalation of issues is likely
  • Abuse or illegal activity is involved
  • Communications are being ignored or disregarded
  • Mediation has been attempted without success


We design and negotiate a customized settlement, as an alternative to court when you:

  • Prefer to save time and money
  • Want to participate in the division of assets
  • Desire a peaceful co-parenting relationship
  • Are open to having honest conversations

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Litigation and Mediation:


Litigation can be expensive due to discovery costs, court costs, and attorney’s fees.

Mediation tends to be less expensive because it involves a neutral third party facilitating a negotiation between the parties rather than going to court.


Litigation can be a lengthy process, taking months or years to resolve.

Mediation can typically be completed quickly, sometimes in just a few sessions, depending on the complexity of the issues.


Litigation can be adversarial and often leads to a breakdown in relationships between parties.

Mediation is a collaborative process that allows negotiation toward a mutually acceptable solution, potentially preserving relationships.

Ultimately, the choice between litigation and mediation will depend on the specific circumstances of the dispute, the goals of the parties involved, and their willingness to work together towards a solution. For clarity on how to approach your situation, simply book a free consultation call with Gann Mediation today.

What Recent Clients Are Saying

I had different lawyers through my divorce. I was given conflicting advice by each of the attorneys. One of them was way over her head. Greg was the constant throughout. He traced inherited assets perfectly and undermined the report of the other expert by literally poking holes throughout the report. He provided a flow chart that was not only spot on, but this coupled with his critique of the other expert’s report literally resulted in settlement within one hour of reading through Greg’s analysis. The trial was dismissed. I saved several thousands in fees. Although my lawyer advocated for me, she could not have settled the case without Greg’s detailed analysis and expert report.


Over the years, I’ve seen too many retirement accounts and assets that could have been passed to the next generation eaten up through the attorney and court costs of divorce.

Before you lawyer up, let’s see if this can be done the more productive way.