Meet Your Divorce Expert

Greg is passionate about preventing unnecessary emotional trauma, retaining accumulated wealth within the family, and keeping negotiations on topic. Having seen too many people lose their life savings to divorce, he has dedicated his career to providing support to couples navigating the toughest period of their life, being a catalyst for change in the divorce industry.

“As a member of the Bar, a master analyst in financial forensics with an emphasis in matrimony, a certified family and divorce mediator, as well as a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA), I bring a unique combination of expertise and experience beyond just the law to expedite divorce resolution, and in the most favorable way.”

– Greg Gann, Gann Mediation

Don’t Go to War, Just Divide Assets

  • Full-time practitioner as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst since 1989
  • Licensed and in good standing with the Maryland Bar Association
  • Providing services for a Flat-Fee; Rate depends on the nature of the situation
  • Skilled negotiator who cuts through fluff and nonsense
  • In-depth knowledge of tax laws and ramifications
  • Intent on preserving your net worth, your credit, and your security

Ready to work together to reach an agreeable solution to your divorce?

Testimony to Greg’s Divorce Approach

Greg kept me on track despite the fact that I was in my worst emotional states ever. The legal process was totally ridiculous and expensive. The only winners were the lawyers. The lawyers made us spend so much money on valuing a business which the court completely dismissed. Greg was a beacon of strength throughout the process. I could not have gotten through it or come out of it as strongly as I did without him or his guidance. No one should divorce without him.

Cathy C.

Protecting Your Family Finances Now Makes a BIG Difference in Your Future

Greg’s 30+ years of experience span an array of financial, estate, and domestic planning matters, including banking regulation changes, housing crashes, and market booms and busts.

He serves as an integral partner through what is often the hardest time in a person’s life, bringing his Collaborative law knowledge and Family law experience to the table in combination with his financial and negotiation expertise, to reach the best resolution in the most reasonable timeframe.