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Financial Analysis for Doe v. Doe

A) The Purpose for Providing This Financial Analysis For Mr. and Mrs. Doe: The purpose of this report is to render an opinion regarding the amount of investment income that Mrs. Doe can generate from her share of invested marital assets as well as compounded growth...

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Net Present Value Calculation of Military Pension Plans

Overview: Jess retired from the Coast Guard which is part of the Office of Homeland Security [MM/DD/YYY]. Upon retiring, she immediately began receiving distributions from the military pension, associated with her service at the Coast Guard. She receives concurrent...

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Origination and Tracing of Non-Marital and Foreign Funds

Below you’ll find a detailed forensic analysis demonstrating that John Doe had inherited a set of particular properties (names redacted) through gifts and from the estate of his father. In support of the conclusion that these properties are not marital and should not...

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Divorce Financial Analysis Case Study A

The three main financial issues addressed in this study are: the division and equalization of marital assets issues surrounding the marital home capital loss carryovers Bank accounts, Investments, and Retirement Accounts Divided Martial Assets Excluding Marital Home...

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