Greg kept me on track despite the fact that I was in my worst emotional states ever. The legal process was totally ridiculous and expensive. The only winners were the lawyers. The lawyers made us spend so much money on valuing a business which the court completely dismissed. Greg was a beacon of strength throughout the process. I could not have gotten through it or come out of it as strongly as I did without him or his guidance. No one should divorce without him.

Cathy C.

I had different lawyers through my divorce. I was given conflicting advice by each of the attorneys. One of them was way over her head. Greg was the constant throughout. He traced inherited assets perfectly and undermined the report of the other expert by literally poking holes throughout the report. He provided a flow chart that was not only spot on, but this coupled with his critique of the other expert’s report literally resulted in settlement within one hour of reading through Greg’s analysis. The trial was dismissed. I saved several thousands in fees. Although my lawyer advocated for me, she could not have settled the case without Greg’s detailed analysis and expert report.

Chris S.

My divorce had been lingering for over a year. Within ten days of engaging Greg and having him negotiate with my wife’s attorney on my behalf, we reached a very favorable settlement. Literally, Greg delivered everything he promised and within 10 days. My wife’s lawyer was serving me with court papers and discovery. Greg quashed all of this nonsense by addressing head on what we own, owe, and earn. Greg is wickedly smart and has tremendous negotiating skills like no one else. Simply put, make sure you get to Greg before your spouse does because you do not want to divorce without him.

Coy T.

For 3.5 years, my wife and I went around and around in circles with lawyers. Within 4 months of meeting with Greg, we resolved our issues. Greg was quick and efficient. He eased my mind and made me feel a lot better about the entire divorce process. I have referred some of my closest friends who are dealing with marital issues to Greg, and each has expressed their appreciation for achieving similar results.

David W.

After 18 months and tens of thousands of dollars poorer and getting absolutely nowhere, I finally dropped my lawyer. Best decision I could have ever made. Within 3 months, Greg negotiated a settlement with my wife’s lawyer that was 33% better than what my lawyer was able to procure. l work in the field of commercial real estate and negotiate big ticket items. I have personal experiences dealing with many of the top negotiators around the country. Greg is clearly one of the best. He understands business and finance better than most attorneys and negotiates more effectively than any attorney with whom l’ve dealt.

David W.

When I engaged Greg and stopped relying exclusively on my lawyer, frankly, I started sleeping better. Greg assessed the situation with the clarity, knowledge, and experience that allowed me to have confidence and calm my life down, he understood and explained what were realistic outcomes so that we could concentrate on the broad issues to expedite resolution. He looked at all the numbers, broke them down, reviewed tax implications so I could see how everything fit together. He calmed me down so that I didn’t go “off the rails”. He kept me on the right track consistently. My lawyer wanted me to be confrontational in a way that Greg did not because my lawyer was paid more by the confrontation. I felt like my lawyer was only interested in sucking me dry. Greg, on the other hand, became a trusted friend through the process of my divorce.

Jarod P.

The level of expertise that Greg brought to the table was unmatched by anyone else. He saw things in a way that I would have never realized on my own. His level of expertise and experience are equally matched by his empathy, which certainly helped me move forward during a most challenging time in my life.

Jee K.

My therapist referred my wife and me to Greg to mediate a marital settlement agreement. Greg is particularly knowledgeable about divorce law and everything relating to divorce finances. My wife supported me throughout the marriage to establish a highly successful business whose income has consistently grown substantially each year. Greg thought outside the box and proposed a solution that was extremely fair and equitable where marital support was based on a split of my after-tax income so that the more I earned, she too would benefit from greater income. lt was truly designed from a win-win perspective. Having mutually agreed to these terms, Greg suggested that the draft be memorialized through a contract, and referred a lawyer colleague for this purpose. He clearly stated that legal counsel was to be sought for legal counsel and not for financial critique. The lawyer my wife retained went beyond the scope of the representation and re-negotiated the financial terms that had already been settled. And, here is the thing. The financial terms that the lawyer renegotiated were far worse for my wife than what we had agreed to through the financial mediation directed through Greg. The lawyer wanted a fixed number for support rather than it being linked to my income. I could not believe it. The fixed number proposed from this lawyer was substantially lower than the percentage of my income she would have collected this year, not to mention additions as my income rises in the future. Although I am benefiting from paying my wife less than what we had agreed, I actually feel bad for her. The lawyer ended up costing her in more ways than one. The moral of the story is that when it comes to negotiating divorce financial terms, families might very well be best served relying on creative solutions offered through a divorce financial expert rather than a lawyer.

John S.

Greg has a unique understanding of the complexity of people. He embraces this skill to mold the structure of a settlement that is workable for both parties. Lawyers bend your thinking and aggravate matters. With the way he was able to cut directly through stuff and get us on the same page, he served as part financial confidante and part therapist. Our family structure will be preserved as a direct result of his guidance and his approach. If we had both lawyered up, we would have never achieved this outcome.

Lynda F.

I had what my lawyers termed a “simple, easy divorce”. Yet, in the 27 months during which I was represented by lawyers, my “simple” case was never settled. ln fact, I had two expensive “top-notch” lawyers and I fired each of them because they were totally unprepared for court hearings with incorrect factual data that I had reviewed with them on so many occasions. The only thing they were prompt with was sending bills. Within 2 months of retaining Greg not only did my case settle, but Greg negotiated terms in my agreement that the lawyers said l’d never see. Although we settled hours before our trial date, Greg coached me and had me totally prepared for trial without having to waste additional dollars on a third lawyer who would probably have been just as ineffectual as the first two. Meanwhile, my husband’s attorney procrastinated and was totally non-responsive, waiting until 2 days before trial to negotiate with Greg, allowing Greg to maintain the upper hand. Greg never wavered or caved. He took advantage of the unpreparedness of the legal community, and I got way more than I ever expected. My only regret is that I wasted so much time and money with lawyers. I should have retained Greg from day one. lf you are on the fence about retaining Greg, wake up. Don’t delay.

Nancy S.

The interests of lawyers are not aligned with their clients. I have seen many therapists over my life. l also have a deep understanding of finances having developed a career in private equity. I can easily state that both the life and financial guidance I received from Greg were spot on and some of the most impactful ever received on both fronts. Greg has unique insight. And, just as importantly, he cares deeply about his clients and treats them like family.

Steve M.

Before coming to Greg, we did a lot of research about hiring people who we can trust. He was able to establish a means whereby we could discuss difficult issues and navigate strategies about our futures. We hope to remain friends and easily able to communicate and co-parent our children.

My attorney referred me to Greg to evaluate whether it was most advantageous for me to retain exclusive ownership of my 401k or share my retirement savings in exchange for getting half of my soon to be my ex-husband’s pension income. Greg weighed the pros and cons of each. His analysis allowed me to make my decision.

Due to a disability, the husband of my client was forced to leave his employment and prematurely initiate an income stream from his pension plan. My client, the wife, consulted with her investment advisor who was not a specialist in divorce financial planning. The investment advisor assigned a value to the husband’s pension income, told my client that she was entitled to half of that value as a lump sum. I reached out to Greg in an attempt to get everyone on the right track. Greg listened to my client’s goals and identified the core issues and what was most pertinent for my client and causing her the most angst. By generating options and evaluating projections, my client was able to see the big picture and overcome the roadblocks. In addition, Greg also helped me frame the language to include in the settlement proposal.

I was referred to Greg for divorce mediation. My husband is a tough businessman and negotiator. This is what he does for a living. Through mediation, my husband’s defensiveness and dismissiveness melted away to the point where, my husband and I came to agreeable terms. Plus, we left as friends.

After months of getting nowhere with my attorney, I contacted Greg who gave me arguments and details literally at the spur of the moment just days before my scheduled mediation, which not only supported my position and led my ex to settle, but furthermore, were unique from any argument my attorney was raising. Greg’s thoroughness and thoughtfulness as well as his attention to details were invaluable.